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A Leader in Life Sciences Training.


30+ Years of Advancement.

For over 30 years, AdMed, Inc. has established itself as a leader in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device education and training. AdMed, Inc. is an innovative agency that prepares web-based interactive learning programs in broad therapeutic categories for life sciences companies. Our experientially diverse medical backgrounds and cutting-edge talent allow us to produce scientifically and medically complex content that is simultaneously engaging and educational. We create products that reach across a wide variety of media and include web, video, animation, print, and interactive programs.

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Providing Innovative Healthcare Solutions


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Industry Leader
for Life Sciences Training


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and Dynamic Medical Education

Ensuring Engagement at Every Step.

Trust the Experts in our Field.

A company staffed by innovators, AdMed creates products for the pharma and biotech industries using state-of-the-art technology and research to develop engaging and stimulating deliverables.


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Medical Writing

AdMed provides the best in sales force education and training. An integrative approach to adult learning principles, cutting-edge technologies, and the latest research in the field yields curricula that work for you.

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Our talented team of developers, instructional technology experts, programmers, and animators is dedicated to understanding your objectives and achieving your goals by using state-of-the-art technologies.

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Medical Illustration

Original, meticulously crafted medical illustrations are critical to realizing the comprehensive learning experience. Rich, dimensional images bring to life and reinforce complex medical and scientific content.

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Animation offers a dynamic and effective strategy to address a range of learning styles. The depth and movement of dimensional modeling paired with compelling audio successfully convey intricate concepts.

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Introducing Trivia Sweep.

Learning should be an organic process. We design games that replace traditional rote memorization with fun, experiential activities. Our games give learners an opportunity to craft their own learning experience by rewarding collaboration, communication, and critical thinking in addition to the successful demonstration of core content knowledge. Below are some ways in which we apply our gaming expertise on the field.


Driving Competition and Community.

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Learning Objectives

AdMed Regular content exposure. 

Increased knowledge retention. 

A game, not an assessment platform.


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Experiential Qualities

A sense of ownership.

Accommodates multiple play styles.

Thoroughly play-tested, proven fun! 


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Technical Considerations

Mathematically calibrated outcomes. 

Unique game types for unique applications.

Digital educational technologies